Thailand Tour

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I am back with my another travel blog as assured. It is all about my visit to Thailand this year. Thailand has got all the wealth for being extremely popular among the travelers. Being an ideal holiday destination for the bachelors, Thailand is gaining popularity among the married couples as well as their honeymoon destination. I had my Thailand tour for about a week in the month of March. Though it was a bit humid, the weather was pleasuredome during the day and amazing at the night.

I started my journey towards Thailand after spending two days in Mumbai. I reached Phuket International airport during the day and the weather was quite humid. Also, me being extremely exhausted and jetlagged was looking for some relaxation and peace. This all I found during my stay at Movenpick Resort & Spa Karon Beach Phuket where I booked a plunge pool villa for myself. These pictures are evidence of the fact that this is the best hotel I could have chosen for myself.



The stay was for three days and the attractions were:

  • Karon beach- The cleanest of all the beaches. You can enjoy beach volleyball and soak in the sun while enjoying some booze and fun activities.
  • Patong Beach- This beach is comparatively more crowded and jam-packed. It is extremely popular for its fun-filled nightlife.
  • Bangla Road- Patong beach is known for it’s infamous Bangla Road Nightlife. It is Patong’s high-spirited party zone well known for girls, music, and liquor.
  • Massages and Spa- Thailand is popular for its Thai massages and Phuket offers you several massage parlors to get your body relaxed.
  • Thai Food – Phuket is well versed with the Thai dishes and one can enjoy the street food while roaming around the city.


The other attractions were Rawai Beach and James Bond Island. Both the places serve picturesque views.016934c3951ba70347f8b7d031c6c1819c0931b73a01af8cc37ce23e77796a8a056e4811e91048bd813701a2822cd299c9cc3ea34140c06ceffe8e61611a12_000010168f010e123da0f4376db1b8190bbcef691ff4582011e88f410da99cbd7b297b661ff972589d9af0e07

After my stay in Phuket, it was time for me to leave for the city famous for it lively clubs and shopping. Yes, you got it right!!! It is Bangkok. I chose Millennium Hilton Bangkok as my place to stay and then planned my to-do list for Bangkok. Bangkok serves a million reasons for the travelers to see this place. From stunning Skyline Views to famous clubs and shopping streets, Bangkok has a lot to offer. Millennium Hilton Bangkok has been amazing to serve its customers.


And then it was time for some Club Hopping. Bangkok has some amazingly famous clubs where you can dance and enjoy the live music while sipping on the booze.


The next day was scheduled just for shopping. Places such as MBK market and Siam center are ideal to shop.


So, guys that are all from my Thailand trip. For more such posts stay tuned!!!




RJ 14

Hey everyone,

Here is another restaurant I am here to review about. So, I recently visited this pure vegetarian restaurant located at Ajmer Highway, Jaipur. This restaurant has got so much popular that even on weekdays, you need to get the reservations done or else you will have to wait till you get a seat to accommodate. The place has seating options available both indoors and outdoors.


Image Source: Zomato


Image Source: Trip Advisor

This place is ideal to be visited with Family and friends. In the evening, the restaurant offers you wide seating options outdoors. You can enjoy the lip-smacking North Indian or South Indian Dishes beneath the sky along with the Bollywood numbers playing in the background. The place is perfect for the Rooftop dinner plan and the Naturals Ice Cream Parlour plays a cherry on the cake, allowing you to enjoy yummy dessert after your dinner.

imagesImage Source: Quora

So guys, don’t wait and try out this new hype in the city if u haven’t been here. I am sure that you will love this place and would definitely recommend it to your friends and family, just the way I did.




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From the past few years, there has been a significant expansion in the size of cafes Jaipur is witnessing. Almost every other week, we hear a new cafe is opening. So, my today’s post is dedicated to another popular cafe in Jaipur; Sky Waltz Cafe. This cafe comes up with a unique aviation concept, ideal for those who would like to have delectable food while admiring the art and craft of flying machines.

Image Source: Sky Waltz

The cafe provides seating areas for both indoors and outdoors. One can enjoy the toothsome food while enjoying the vintage ambiance and live music. I ordered alfredo pasta, virgin mojito, and hazelnut shake. All the food items were mouth-watering and presented well, giving me all the reasons to visit the place again.


The cafe gives you a fine-dine experience and does not compromise with the quality of food despite being available at a reasonable price. For all the selfie lovers, this place offers you picturesque views and different angles for shoots.

Being located at a prime location in Jaipur, the cafe can be reached conveniently. Thus, if you haven’t tried this place yet, I would suggest you spend your next evening here and hog on to the delicacies this cafe has to offer. Below are some amazing clicks of the restaurant, giving you a glimpse of the architecture:

Image Source: Sky WaltzSkywaltz-cafe-designs-interiors11Image Source: Sky WaltzSkywaltz-cafe-designs-interiors12

Image Source: Sky WaltzSkywaltz-cafe-designs-interiors15

Image Source: Sky Waltz



A trip to Nainital

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I hope you guys are having a great time. It’s a blazing hot weather in Rajasthan these days. Thus in order to escape from the heat; I recently visited Uttarakhand. Since I have already been to Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Mussoorie in my teens, so I wanted to visit Nainital this time. From Panoramic views to exciting activities, Nainital has a lot to offer.


Nainital has many luring spots to explore and one of them is Naini Lake. It is situated amidst the township of Nainital. Wikipedia

The lake is extremely clean, thanks to the locals of Nainital who have kept it unspoiled. We sailed through a boat to explore Nainital Lake and reached to the other side of the lake to visit Naina Devi Temple at Mall Road. The temple is also a popular tourist attraction after which we explored the Mall Road which is famous for street food and shopping.


At Mall Road, you can even hire a bike on rent to visit the nearby places on a budget and explore the town at your own. Only a single day is enough to explore Naini Lake, Naina Devi Mandir, and Mall Road.

The next day we went on to proceed with sightseeing Nainital. The most exciting was The Cave Garden. This Eco Cave Park is a shady park with various kind of interconnected rocky caves.



After the Cave Park, I visited other tourist attractions such as Snow View and Naini Peak.


imagesImage source: snow view

The last day was all about Bhimtal and we reached there through Bike Ride. We took the bike on rent from Mall Road. Riding bike in mountains makes you feel amazing as the clean air passes through your face, leaving you joyful. Also, the breathtaking scenery is something to die for. Through our Ride, we came to know more about the local people of Nainital. They are extremely caring and decent souls. When the bike tyre got punctured in the middle of our way to Bhimtal, we got tensed and worried as we were new to the place. But, everyone who passed by was ready to help and there was never a sense of discomfort and unsafety that came across during the entire trip.



The road trip offered incredible picturesque views and The Maggie and “Thadi ki Chai” is a must try.


Bhimtal has a wide range of adventurous sports to offer. From Paragliding to Kayaking, there are several activities one can experience. Bhimtal lake is the largest lake in Kumaon Region, known as the “lake district of India”. I tried Paragliding, Kayaking, Horse riding and River crossing at Bhimtal, as this was all that was available at that time. I must say it was all fun to undergo several kinds of adventure activities back to back.


Overall it was a fun-filled and memorable trip to Nainital and the experiences are still alive in my heart and mind. For anyone who likes hills and scenic beauty, must give Nainital a shot for their next Vacation.



This is all from my Nainital Tour. For more such travel posts, stay tuned as soon I will be writing a travel blog from my first ever International trip. Till then stay happy and plan for next Holidays.








Hola beautiful ladies!!!

I hope you all are having a great time. Today’s blog is all about my recent shopping I did from NYKAA and my experiences about their products. I got several products from their skin and hair care range and I must say, some of them are just fab!!! Here is a glimpse of what all I got this time:

So, these are the products I got from NYKAA and here are my experiences about each one of them.

1.Anatomicals mattifying face mask

Let’s begin with this amazing face mask by anatomicals. The mask is specially designed to give a matte effect to the skin. It does what it claims.

This is one of the masks that can help you control the blackheads. It has oat protein and coconut oil which helps in making the skin soft and supple. Anatomicals has a wide range of masks depending upon various skin concerns.

Thus, if you are seeking for a mattifying mask, you should definitely try this one .

2.Mama earth c3 face mask

Now this is again a face mask enriched with charcoal, coffee and clay in order to reduce pigmentation and lighten the complexion of the facial skin.

Mama earth is one brand that is known for its mother- centred products . It has wide range of products focusing on mothers and the skin concerns they face before, during and after the birth of the child.

This face mask has definitely improved the quality of the skin and the people who want something deep cleansing for their face can give it a try .

3.Biotique Bio Cucumber pore tightening toner.

This is my favourite of all the products I got. This is one of the best toners I have used so far . It really helps in tightening the pores and leaves the skin clean and glorious . I hope you all must be aware of the significance of a good toner that is alcohol free just like this one . A toner is very important to be used just after the cleanser for making the skin clean and shrinking the pores.

This toner from boutique is completely organic and alcohol free. It is suitable for people with sensitive skin like me. Trust me girls just give it a try and thank me later.

4.Biotique Bio musk root

This is a great hair mask from Biotique. It makes your hair feel smoother and healthy as if you have just come out of a salon getting your hair spa done.This product claims to help in hair growth with the passage of time. This is a must try for people out there looking for organic hair mask for their hair as it has all the natural ingredients to make the hair healthy and strong.

5.Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Oil-Bhringraj

This is the hair oil by khadi that I have tried for the very first time. It has provided me satisfaction in terms of being a good hair oil. It has neither turned out to be too good nor too bad for my hair. I have used the Biotique bhringraj hair oil and I would definitely prefer it over this one as the

Biotique one suits me more.

6.Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

Last but not the least, this is the Biotique lip balm I ordered from nykaa and it’s been over a month and I am still using it each day. It claims to even out the lip colour and helps in depigmentation of the lips.

It has helped me to get comparatively better lips. My lip colour has got pink and it keeps my lips hydrated.

So, that’s all about my recent NYKAA haul and I will be back with some more new posts. Till then stay tuned!!!

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It’s Holi season and your skin needs extra pampering to get rid of all the harm done by stubborn colours and harsh sun, So here I am back with my latest blog which is about “Sheet Masks”.

Sheet masks are face-shaped cotton-based sheets soaked with serum or essences that contain several ingredients to address a variety of skin care issues. These are different from other facial packs as the sheet does not let the infused nutrition evaporate. Rather, they help the essential ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. You simply need to put the mask on your face , let it sit for 20-25 minutes or as long as stated  on the packaging  and dab the leftover serum without washing the face. They are generally used once and individually packed which makes them easy and convenient to carry while traveling.


These days there are so many brands that provide a wide range of sheet masks and all thanks to Nykaa that has made various makeup and skin care products easily accessible.Here, I will tell u my favorite sheet mask brands that I have used and my honest feedback regarding each of them:


After I  got introduced to Nykaa, my search for Korean products came to an end as through this single application I can access various  brands. Innisfree is the first korean brand that I used and just fell in love its amazingly genuine products.

The Innisfree sheet masks come under several categories, specific for different skin types. They have two categories of sheet masks:

Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Mask

Innisfree Skin Clinic Mask



The faceshop is a south korean skin care and cosmetics manufacturer, retailer and a franchise business. Its products ranges from body and bath to skincare and makeup aimed at both men and women.Just like innisfree sheet masks, faceshop also has a wide variety of sheet masks available for specific skin concerns. They also come under two categories:

The Faceshop Real Nature Masks.

The Faceshop Solution Masks.

  • Sephora

Sephora has a huge range of sheet masks covered in colourful packets. It is a line of natural fiber sheet masks infused with different active ingredients for calming down the skin cells, thereby helping in achieving a brighter and more clear skin. These sheets are great to rejuvenate the skin from within. They are extremely popular among celebrities and fashion bloggers.


  • It’s Skin

This is another Korean brand which is getting popularity in India through its amazing products suitable for people seeking natural skin care.

After analyzing its customers’ skin troubles, its skin collaborated with the dermatologists from Seoul University to create its line of makeup and skin care. These sheets come under the category-“It’s Skin-The fresh mask sheet”.



DearPacker is one such brand that introduced itself through its wide range of sheet masks and gained popularity because of the home remedy mask collection. The brand offers sheet masks to deal with various skin problems such as pigmentation,acne or blemishes.These come under two categories:

  1. Lab collection mask
  2. Home remedy mask

The former helps in revitalization of the skin through its active ingredients , while the latter comes with the goodness of various home remedies which have proven to be great for skin since ancient times.


I hope that these sheet masks will surely help in improving the texture of your skin in the same way as they worked for me. So what are you waiting for!!! Get your hands on these amazing masks and let me know about your experiences.


Basic skin care regime for people with sensitive skin

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When it comes to choose between skin care and makeup most of the sensible people would go for the best skin care they can do without investing much on makeup as the latter would not be required if the skin is naturally clear and glowing.

People with sensitive skin always have issues with the artificial and chemical products and sometimes with the organic ones also. Not every product suits them as a result they tend to have breakouts each time they try anything new.

So here I have my list of few products for people with sensitive skin that will not empty your wallet and help you in improving your basic skin care regimen.


Cleansing is the first step to your skin care routine which allows you to clear the skin taking away all the dust and leaving it clean.

A good cleanser is a must for anyone with sensitive skin.I use CETAPHIL CLEANSER which is very mild and gentle,doesn’t dry out my skin leaving it soft and supple.

This cleanser is ultra mild and non irritating that suits every skin type and doesn’t lead to breakouts. Suitable for the people with acne.


Toner helps in removing the oil and traces of dirt and grime which remains even after washing your face with cleanser.There are several kinds of toners available in the market. They are a must for the people with acne-prone skin who require the extra cleansing .

I use ROSE WATER as a natural toner that helps to shrink pores and maintaining the pH balance of my skin leaving it clear.

The most important thing to keep in mind while buying a rose water is the ingredients as the artificial ones will have rose water with several other chemicals. Thus, opt for the ones that have only distilled rose water and no other ingredient.

I have tried rose water from apollo which is quite good and budget friendly. Also, would suggest for the Rose Water Mist from FOREST ESSENTIALS as it is also amazing.


Everyone has heard that using a sunblock is a must but most of us don’t follow this advice religiously. People have a myth that sunblock is something to be used only if you go out in the sun as it prevents to get tanned. But, the fact is that a good sunblock with a minimum SPF 50 is a must even during winters and also even if you are sitting inside your office whole day and not stepping in the sun because it prevents the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation that can lead to skin damage.

I use NEUTROGENA ULTRA-SHEER SUNBLOCK everyday on my face and neck to protect my skin from sun and harmful ultraviolet rays. This is the best sunblock so far as it doesn’t leave my face oily because it has a matte finish and gives a super light and clean feel.

I hope this basic skin care helps the people with sensitive skin and eliminate their confusion regarding what products to use.

Will be back with many more helpful and interesting writings like this!!!


Tapri-The Tea House

Hello everyone!!!

So I recently visited Tapri-the tea house at c-scheme. It was not planned to visit the cafe but since I didn’t get the opportunity to visit Jaipur literature festival this time as a result of large crowds on this Republic Day,I thought of going to Tapri instead.

Tapri being one of my personal favourite cafe is extremely popular among jaipurites because of it’s amazing food and ambience.It is usually crowded and one finds it difficult to get seated especially if you want to sit outdoors during a pleasant day.

Here is a glimpse of what I ordered.

I ordered the smoked green pasta with green sauce. It was a new edition to their menu as they have recently changed their menu. Honestly, I didn’t like the pasta as I like the Alfredo pasta more which is no more included in their new menu card.

Also, I ordered my favourite peach ice tea which was as usual amazing and refreshing.

It was a sunny day but the whole cafe was packed as many people from Jaipur literature fest came to relax here as it is extremely near to Diggi palace where the literature fest was held.

Overall, it was extremely fun being to Tapri again with my darling sister.Would love to visit the cafe again.


Rajasthan Style Fest

Hola guys!!

So I recently participated in Rajasthan style fest directed by Mr.Abhimanyu Singh Tomar. I was assisting him as a fashion stylist and it was the first time I was a part of any fashion event and that too in my city Jaipur.

The festival was from 21-28 January inaugurated at the Jaipur wax museum, Nahargarh where 70 models walked the ramp and Rimi Sen , the Bollywood actress, was the show stopper.

The Delhi based designers Arun Ahuja and John Marya showcased their label “Mehraab”

It was an amazing opening of Rajasthan style fest with large audience,amazing designers and extremely talented models who worked hard to make the event successful.

The next event was on January 27 at Holiday inn, Jaipur where designers like Madhulika Sharma, Juhi Dewan and Neeru Sharma showcased their beautiful collections.

The show stopper was supermodel Lakshmi Rana. Also, Beena Kak, the actress and politician was invited as special guest for the evening .

Beena Kak was awarded for the most stylish actress and politician.

The closing ceremony of Rajasthan style fest was held on January 28 at Holiday inn, Jaipur where many aspiring models from Rajasthan participated and out of them 3boys and 3girls were selected and titled as Rajasthan brand ambassadors. Also, designers like Anshu Raja Jain , Gazal Mishra showcased their collection. Heights institute of Jaipur also showcased their collection and Lakshmi Rana walked the ramp as show stopper.

Many designers and makeup artists had their stalls for the fest which gave them the opportunity to showcase their talent.

The entire idea behind Rajasthan style fest was to promote the designers, stylists and other creative community of Rajasthan.

This way it was an end to Rajasthan style fest. I truly enjoyed being a part of it.